Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So, Monday was Fran's and my appointment with the USCIS. Probably I was more outwardly nervous than he, as I gave voice to my anxiety, but we both were pretty collected as we went in for our 9:45 AM appointment.

My nervousness stemmed not from any wrongdoing on our part, but from my misgivings about our interviewer; the interviewers are trained to ferret out lies, so I figured that, after searching for deceit every day for however long these people have done this job, they would come to view everyone who walks through their doors with suspicion. After all, in life you tend to see what you're looking for, whether positive or negative; would our interviewer see us as guilty until proven innocent?

My fears seemed to be unfounded; the entire interview consisted of three questions, all of which were directed at my husband:

1) What is your wife's birthdate?
2) Where was your wife born?
3) When were you married?

Fran was able to answer all of these questions without any problems, and the interviewer actually cracked a hint of a smile at a couple of points, like when I hissed at Fran that we should have been made copies of our utility bills, and when I wouldn't give him a photo from our wedding album. And he was absolutely flabbergasted when we showed him the article from the Irish Independent, and mentioned that a British magazine was interested in doing a story on us, as well!! LOL

The only hitch was in Fran's medical report, which the INS-recommended doctor filled out on an outdated form. The form actually was more rigorous in its requirements than the new form, but the interviewer refused to accept it, instead making Fran return to the doctor, have him fill out the current form, and hand-deliver it back to the immigration office. While annoying, it was only a minor issue.

That said, it prevented us from having any sense of closure on Monday. According to Fran, he would've had his green card on Monday if everything had been in order, since they print out the cards at the same location. Now, we have to wait and see. Everything should be okay, but the "waiting and seeing" always makes me even more nervous, because I never know if another mistake, another "hitch," is on the way....

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