Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Bó

Early Tuesday morning, I came upon a post on the "Pets" section of Craigslist, that had been placed by an animal rescue group looking to save "Bruno," an 3-year-old, 80-lb. "American Staffordshire Terrier mix." This sweet boy was advertised as being good with people and other dogs, yet hadn't found a home and was scheduled to be euthanized yesterday (Thursday). The rescue group was pleading with somebody to help save him, either by adopting or fostering him. Well, it's not the first such post I've seen on Craigslist, nor is it the first to sadden me. However, I had such a visceral reaction as I looked at the forlorn expression on this beautiful animal with cow-like markings. I couldn't get over how a dog could be rescued from the streets by putting his trust in people, only to lose his second chance at a family and a better life because the time ran out on some arbitrary due date.

Well, he was just as much of a "sad sack" when I met him in person, and was even manhandled by the shelter workers when they went to microchip him and vaccinate him against rabies; they tied his mouth shut so tightly that they gave him a huge gash across his muzzle, and since there had already been a scar there, I HIGHLY doubt that it was the first time. But by the time he got home, was fed and watered, and had a short nap, you could already see the change in him. He woke up ready to play and to give kisses, and now, after three days in a loving home, where he's safe and well cared for, you can already see his true personality: a laidback yet playful, friendly baby. He even has a new name to go with his new home: Bó, the Irish word for "cow."

Now it's just a matter of getting the cat to accept him. It shouldn't be a problem; Andy has already told Bó that he's God, and the dog readily agreed.

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