Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dog Escapades, Part 1

Bó does NOT like the vacuum. At all. He'll always bark at it until he's told to stop, and occasionally he'll try to bite it, as well. It certainly makes cleaning interesting.

Well, he REALLY doesn't like the it now. Up till this point, Bó has realized that Fran and I are responsible for the vacuum making its God-awful sound that he hates so much. So last night's events came as a big surprise to him:

I had not left the extension cord long enough while vacuuming the living room, so when I went to clean under the bird cage, the plug pulled out of the wall. When I went into the kitchen to plug the vacuum back in, Bó must've crept into the room to inspect it, not expecting it to turn back on by itself.

Boy, that dog runs fast.


  1. Duffy thinks the vacuum is an evil monster come to ruin his life. He also doesn't like the sound of the saws all nor the sledge hammer. Barks at it and gets all strange. I love dogs.

  2. The bird's reaction is to go to the front of her cage and spread her wings, as if to say "Don't hurt my stuff!!" LOL