Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cat Escapades

As some of you know, my cat, until recently, has put up something of a protest to my husband's continued presence in the house by peeing on the rugs in the dining room and the spare bedroom. After four GALLONS of Nature's Miracle, the dining room appears to be odor-free, but my husband and I have wanted to keep the cat out of the spare bedroom until we can say the same for that room.

Because the door doesn't stay closed on its own, Fran has rigged an intricate system, whereby he has wrapped a piece of string around three doorknobs and the railing. Well, I was in the spare room going through some clothes while Fran was hooking up our new TV in the living room, and I left the string unhooked, in case he wanted to store anything in the room.

When I came back in the hallway, the cat was chewing on the string. He went to take off downstairs with it before I could take it away from him, but of course, the other end was still attached to the doorknob. Next thing I know, his back feet went flying out from under him as he kept his jaw firmly clamped around that infernal string, and stayed that way until I unhooked it from his teeth.

1 comment:

  1. Oh God Alyson, I wish you had a video of that. It would win the 100k on America's funniest! Some day the cat will accept Fran. Hopefully.