Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Dinner

Dinner at my parents' has been a good way of helping me to merge my old life with the new; first, regular family dinners helped me adjust to moving into my own house, and now, it has been essential to integrating Fran into my Staten Island family. Because our courtship and marriage happened so quickly, Fran and I did not have the benefit of the time most couples do, to get to know each other's families slowly over time. So these dinners, in my mind, help to make what could be an awkward situation more comfortable, by giving my parents and him the opportunity twice a week to spend time becoming acquainted.

And for my part, it's nice to see such good will on both of their parts.

1 comment:

  1. Your marriage to Fran has been a blessing to us all on many levels. Of course he is your husband and partner in Life, and that relationship will continue to grow and change over time. But Fran is also a most welcome and desperately needed addition to our family at a time when it wasn't possible to be any lower. You, Fran, and your marriage renew our hope for the future when we feared there was no future to look forward to. There has been a devastating end to the most recent chapter in our lives, and now with Fran you begin a new and exciting chapter. There is no doubt but that we share in your excitement and happiness together. (And it doesn't hurt that we're crazy about Fran, too!) xo